Dear Ivan,

Gianluca of Ebenezer (Forlì) and Patrizia Borlotti gave me your details
to contact you as of first priority!

And so I am writing to inform you of a very important conference
happening in Sanremo on May 3-5th.

This timely prayer conference is entitled, /“Spiritual Battle over
Europe/” and is being held by /Global Prayer Call/ (GPC) in Sanremo,
which you know well from 2010 and your visit with Tomas Sandell & Co.
Tomas is actually visiting us here next Tuesday! He is contact with my

As now, we are in the 99^th anniversary of the ‘1920 Sanremo
Resolution’, and just 3 weeks before the crucial EU elections, GPC
is inviting Leaders, Intercessors and Believers from across
Europe, and beyond, to come together in Sanremo to seek the mercy
and will of The Lord in the intensifying spiritual battle. For, as
our nations face unprecedented political, economic, moral and
spiritual crises, we believe The Lord is calling His Remnant
people together at this key time, in this strategic place, to
“stand in the gap”. Indeed, calling that we will align with, and
pray according to, His purposes for our people, our nations, and
for Israel – particularly in view of Matthew 25:31-46, Joel 3,
Ezekiel 33.

We believe, indeed has been confirmed, that Sanremo is a place of
especial blessing and from where blessing will flow as we seek to
“unblock the wells” – Genesis 26:18.

Harald Eckert, Director of/Global Prayer Call/ (Ger) and Clive
Urquhart, Senior Pastor /Kingdom Faith Church, Horsham/ (UK),
shall be leading the event, joined by esteemed international Bible
Teacher Pastor Billy Crone (USA), and with worship being led by
the gifted “Living Gospel” group from Italy. It promises to be a
very powerful, albeit intimate, time of prayer, intercession,
worship and fellowship. In view of Italy acting as the host nation
to this conference, an emphasis will be placed on the nation of
Italy, and Italian guests are being offered a special entry rate
of only 30 euro for Saturday morning/afternoon. With presentation
of ID cards, entry is free on Friday, Saturday evening, and Sunday.

While all information is available on the GPC website, where you
can also register, I have compiled the following to make it
quicker and easier for you. Please take a moment to look through
it all. The last two are short video clips – excellent:

I do pray that you will be able to come to this important event and
please let me know asap. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you and many blessings,

Yasmina Niknejad.